We completely understand that there are people that struggle to access food due to transportation issues, a handicap, age, or the day just hasn't gone like they need it to. We want to help them out as well. To combat that struggle, we’ll partner with you to bring fresh produce, meats, shelf-stable goods and more to people’s homes who struggle with food insecurity. Whether they are disabled, senior citizens, or high-risk with an illness, a 128 Project volunteer will deliver meals to their door.

We Would Love To Help You

We know that sometimes it is impossible to get to the grocery store or any other local food distributor. We want you to know that we are here to help. We have volunteers that are happy to bring you a food box that will take care of you and your family for a short time. Please fill out the form below so we will know how to best serve you.

*Due to the number of requests, our food boxes are pre-packed, so you will receive whatever we have in stock at that time.