Filling In The Gaps

When we launched our program, we did so with the purpose to serve others in a way that no others were. We did not want to copy what so many other great organizations are doing in our community. Instead, we wanted to come alongside those groups and do what they can't, or what they wished they could do. We wanted to fill the gap. We desire to be their partners, not their competition. It takes us all to make a difference, and we believe we are just one small piece of what makes our communities great.


We start by providing our outreach guests with the essentials to survive a day. Our outreaches are pop-up care centers where staff and volunteers serve hot meals, distribute hygiene kits, socks, pray for the needs of our friends on the street - a place where everyone belongs and help can always be found.


Our next step is to connect guests to resources that will help them to a better tomorrow. We do this through Life Care Visits. These are one-on-one meetings where our team provides hope and resources through individualized action plans. We listen, encourage, and pray with guests, and connect them to resources they need like emergency shelters, job programs, detox or drug rehabilitation, or other available programs.


Our care specialists walk alongside our guests to help them connect with our community partners and navigate agencies & government programs. This can mean anything from assisting with paperwork to attending meetings to advocate on our guests’ behalf.

Community Markets

Much of the area that we serve is consider a "food desert," meaning that too many people do not have access to food due to low income or low accessibility. The grocery store at the 128 Project is here to help alleviate hunger for our neighbors. 

Mobile  Community Markets

We acknowledge that many of those that struggle with food insecurities due to the fact they cannot access grocery stores or local food pantries. We decided to help these neighbors by bringing the resources they need to their neighborhood. 

Mobile Soup  Kitchen

Many within our population do not have access to a hot meal. From time to time, everyone needs more than a sandwich. We operate a full size, commercial kitchen where we prepare hot meals, then transport them to those in need. 

Food Backpacks

We realize not everyone has access to a full working condition, or even knows how to cook. We offer food backpacks that are filled with healthy, easy to make meals. We share these with our unhoused or youngest neighbors.